i have an amazing plan for my birthday, which is in 2 months! but last year i had the worst birthday of my life. i wanna go to this selfie wrld place they have amazing set ups with ring lights and you can take the cutest pictures! problem is.. i have no friends. i texted a girl about it 2 days ago and never got a text back. i don’t know if i should just go alone.. or invite a fake friend and i have to pay for everything AGAIN.

Social Anxiety

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  • differentnotless


    Hi, I sent you a dm. 👋 I have social anxiety as well and could relate. You are not alone! You can message me if you want to talk.

  • LyraDaenestra


    Don't invite a fake friend. As much as it may be hard to go alone, going with a fake friend that you spent time and money into won't make you feel better. But going alone is an opportunity. You might be lonely, but you're much more likely to be happy with the way it turns out. I think It's better to have felt alone than to have felt used. People suck. But it also depends on the fake friend. Maybe they aren't what I imagine. If you do bring them just make sure that you are aware of who they are to you and who you are to them. If you have unrealistic expectations of the way it will go with this person, during and even way after, the disappointment may hurt the worst. Expectations are extremely important.

  • Kishi


    hi! i have social anxiety too and i know the thought of going alone might seem terrifying. however, you will not have fun if you go with a fake friend and constantly worry about what they are thinking and feel used. i suggest you go alone. it may feel like people are judging you but i promise they will be mainly focused on their own pictures. also, if you go alone, you can pose how you want instead of focusing on pleasing the fake friend! if you take time to relax and boost your confidence with positive self-talk before you go, i think you will have a lot of fun going alone :)

    • Cvprisun


      omg ur so right!! i just thought about if we took pictures together it would make us look like friends 😂😂



    I haven't had friends in such a long time besides my family. I haven't had a good birthday either, since I was in middle school. The only thing that came cloae was one my mom threw for me before dying of cancer. I don't like to remember it because of the debilitating social anxiety I had the whole time. I just remember that I couldn't decide of I wanted jalepenos on the pizza, and my SIL got frustrated with me, when I hadn't asked to decide in the first place. Anyway, I might understand how you feel. That's why I never make a big deal out of my birthday or anyone else's. They set people up for disappointment.

    • Cvprisun


      i’m so sorry :(. it’s just sad because i’m a person who wants to have fun, and a good time but no one ever matches my good energy. i don’t know why people don’t like me, kinda sad :/

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