My depression is so bad that I’ve been crying nearly every day for the past month. I have a really supportive friend I talk to daily but sometimes she says things and I internalize what she’s saying and it feels this is all my fault. For example pointing out that I’m overreacting, saying I should do certain things to avoid issues, etc. I know she means well, and she is trying to understand, but I end up feeling like how I feel is all my fault partially due to what she says. And of course in the moment, I’m aware enough to that I know I’m overreacting to stressors, but that doesn’t stop the tears, the I want to give up feelings, the nothing helps thoughts, etc.


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  • seri


    Have you tired writing? Write the feelings out. They don't need to make sense or have a reason. Your feelings staying trapped is what is causing the contuing stress and upset. It isn't your fault because you haven't yet discovered a way that works for you to handle them. Your friend needs to just make space for your feelings without trying to fix them.

    • BonnBonn


      I can’t write very much due to shoulder issues so I don’t journal/write my feelings out. I’ve tried on my phone but I haven’t felt any release/relief doing that.

  • ZazzleDazzle


    It sounds like your friend is trying too hard to “fix” instead of just listening and supporting you that way since some of the things she says seem to cause more harm then good. Don’t be afraid to tell her how she can best help you, since you’re the only one that knows how she can. Your feelings are valid and you have every right to feel them. This is not your fault.

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