I have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and have been getting Xolair for a year. I now have allergic arthritis from the shot. Has anyone experienced this and have ways they dealt with pain in every joint? I am allergic to most medicine so I need alternatives to medication.

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  • Bruxine


    I have mcad/mcas as well

  • EfucationiPod


    What you are likely looking for are natural cox-2 inhibitors. Things that work on the same receptors as NSAIDs but aren’t them. Ginger and turmeric are likely the most well known but Omega 3 also has evidence of working. There are others as well.

  • JenMe


    That’s the weird part. I took turmeric and within an hour I had the arthritis show up. I was trying to stop my GI symptoms maybe it was just a coincidence. My gi symptoms are better but now I have this going on.

  • EfucationiPod


    Sounds like issues with salicylates (turmeric is high in them). Nettle Leaf Extract has been very helpful for me in dealing with reactions due to salicylates.

  • youaregood


    I suggest seeing a functional medicine doctor!

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