I am newly diagnosed but feeling very invalidated by my family. my dad believes I don’t have it because all he sees is my academic success not the struggle I experience in order to live up to that expectation. I’m considering going on meds but I’m afraid because he has always told me that stimulants can mess you up for life. I know this isn’t true but I would love some validation from y’all to know the risks and your personal experiences

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  • RhetoricalYou


    Being on medication has totally changed my life. My spouse recently got prescribed as well and it's been going really great so far for them also. There are of course some risks as with any medication, but honestly it's been completely worth it for us. And if you find a good doctor, they'll be more than happy to work with you through anything that comes up. My partner and I both completely relate to your experience of academic success, without anyone understanding the blood and sweat that went into it. Not everyone is going to fit the model of a "stereotypical" ADHD haver. I often phrase it like "Well, shouldn't I get the help I need *before* things get really bad, like failing out of school/losing my job etc.?". Medication is scary just like any other big change, but if it ends up being the right choice for you, it's an amazing, wonderful change. Feel free to message me with any questions and best of luck my friend

  • princessblue


    I was in the same situation. I put so much pressure on the academic success that when I finally tried to get help, (dislexia) they were like F-you. Meds have helped you have to find ones that work for you and not against you.

  • DarraStrix


    My parents were teachers and having their guidance helped me compensate and nearly completely mask the ADHD symptoms enough to be super successful academiclly. Even now my dad will doubt i have ADHD despite having a testing based diagnosis and fitting the symptoms to a T because of just how far I made it in school before diagnosis. I got diagnosed half way through college and finding the right meds made all the difference. It may take a few tries to figure out which works best with your body/brain chemistry, but when you find that balance it's like if you are nearsighted and putting on glasses for the first time. You realize that this is how other people feel all the time and it's so much easier. I still have to use a lot of skills i learned to cope but it takes way less energy to keep on track and i can see a visible difference between days i take and days i skip meds. When figuring out meds i did have one or two that actually triggered symptoms that matched anxiety attacks and it took time to sort out which symptoms were meds and which were mental or emotional issues. But it was definitely worth that time because i have since graduated and have a steady 9 to 5 job with a team i like.

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