How do you guys complete work and daily tasks with depression


Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Eventually anxiety kicks in enough for me to accomplish the bare minimum. Or setting a small timer, like I will do this for 3 minutes, and see if I can keep going. If not, I got some done. If so, yay! I guess aiming low, being gentle/kind with yourself, and listen to music or something you like/used to like to see if it helps. I wish you the best in this difficult time ❤️

  • Weenie


    Sometimes I will video chat my friends/invite someone over while I do chores. Idk why but it helps me actually complete chores

  • PondWater


    i try to keep some background noise on. a lively tv show that won’t suck you in, or a podcast works for me. depending on the task i like to break it down into smaller pieces so i don’t get discouraged. like i’ll sort the laundry into towels and clothes that way i get little bursts of dopamine when i finish each section. also, i’ve found that if there’s a certain task that seems really daunting and just kinda looks over me, i’ll look at the individual bits and see which part i’m actually scared of and try to fix that or gamify it. you can also use the adhd fixations to your advantage!! watching youtube videos of cleaning, cooking, or whatever i need to do motivates me to try at least a little of whatever i wanna get done lol there’s this channel, “How To Adhd” that i really like. she’s honest and open about how it affects life. she also has some awesome tips!! i like her videos on common adhd terms and the dopamine menu.

  • susu


    thank you guys for your helpful advice !!

  • scrimblo


    i find it beneficial to have videos, podcasts, music, etc. playing while doing work.

  • dogdad13


    Tbh I couldn't. It took therapy and medication for me to have the energy to function again, but now that I am having specific types of music on helps me finish different tasks

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