I have really been struggling lately with accepting myself. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease in december. then told that it wasn’t hashimotos and that i was healthy and there was no explanation for my symptoms. then i went to a third doctor and was diagnosed again after running my labs and they were only getting worse. my worst symptoms are weight gain and fatigue. I struggle daily as I am a full time student in my last semester of college and it’s so hard to get myself to do the little things like going to class. i’m doing well because i make sure I get all my work done but I still find myself comparing myself to my friends because they’re doing so much and i can barely handle what’s on my plate. I’ve gained about 50 pounds as well which is so hard on my mental health as i was always a tiny girl and i just don’t feel like myself. Any advice on how to except where I am at and stop comparing? or any advice on things that help you guys besides medication (i am already on levithroxyin). so sorry this is so long but i appreciate any advice!!

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  • Crafty9723


    I was in the same position a few years ago when I was first diagnosed. I would have them check your vitamin d levels it is pretty common for them to be low with this condition. I found taking vitamin d to be helpful. I don’t necessarily have advice on how to accept yourself where you are at right now. I will say when I first started experiencing all of my health issues it was so hard. It felt like my life was over and I was going to forever be working and stuck in bed all day when I wasn’t. I have found ways to better manage my health and now many years later have been able to find the right balance most of the time of what I am capable of doing. Over time you start to learn the signs and what is too much for your body.

  • sunshine238


    thank you so much for the advice! i will definitely have them check my vitamin D levels. it’s probably especially low because i live in michigan and we’re coming out of winter very slowly this year :/ i’m definitely starting to learn what triggers a flare up and what helps but it’s still so hard. i’m 21 and all my friends can go out and have fun and I feel like my life is changing so drastically.

  • Crafty9723


    I know it is hard. I am 25 and I have been dealing with issues like this since I was at least 18. I definitely wish you the best because it is a really tough journey to be on. It is hard to feel like you can’t do all of the things you should be able to at your age. Over time, I have found certain supplements and diet changes as well as light exercise help make all the difference in my ability to do things.

  • SunnyD


    I can relate to your story. My Hashimoto’s started this past fall. Going to work each day took everything out of me. I’d come home, make dinner, and then immediately sleep my evenings away. Constantly freezing, weight gain, constipation, depression. It was all awful. I also have celiac disease—it’s genetically common with Hashimoto’s. I stumbled upon the site Paloma Health, and it’s an amazing resource for hypothyroidism. You can order blood tests, visit with doctors and/or dietitians, join a community, and my favorite, read their blog posts. It might be something that helps you too. I’m still waiting to lose all the extra weight I gained, but intermittent fasting seems to be helping. Managing stress is huge, and I remember how stressful college can be. Finding an activity to help you de-stress can help. If you haven’t already, consider getting checked for celiac. Your continued symptoms may be a result of your diet.

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