I have GAD and I think I also might have OCD.
Does anyone else ever feel nervous when they say positive things? Things have been going well for me lately and I keep saying stuff like "I'm so happy" and getting comfortable and stuff. And I get worried. I get worried that it'll jinx it or it'll somehow get ruined. Sometimes when things get better for me, they get worse shortly after. I feel like this is really it and it's finally getting better for me, but I'm scared.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Sarcha


    Yes!!! A thousand times. For me I’m scared I’ll get “too happy” or get my hopes up so I usually convinces myself it will go wrong and I get sad even if it goes good

  • CDog


    I relate to the entirety of this post very closely!! The past few days have been wonderful for me but I have this dreading feeling like everything may go downhill all at once. This definitely happens

  • Skipeople


    I also get nervous when things seem to be going well for me. I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop. The thing is, life isn't a straight line, so our emotions change over time. Even though things may seem to get worse after feeling better, you may still be making progress over a long period of time. It's just hard to tell when you are living it, you know? Life throws curve balls and sometime we fall, but it's the getting back up that is really important.

  • AvocadoToast350


    I do. I feel like if I allow myself to be happy, I'm just starting a countdown to when whatever makes me happy being taken away.

  • LyraDaenestra


    That could totally be anxiety, but for me that was genuinely because that had been the pattern all my life. Finally getting out of an unhealthy situation/ pattern definitely made me feel that. My home life wasn't great, my parents weren't great. Finally my dad left, got sober, and life wasn't so hectic. It was stressful with the new life but things started to get better, and I was concerned I was jinxing it. But really life has been better since. Till I got in the wrong relationship and totally fucked it up lol. I was traumatized by my parents, so it became my familiarity. After it got better I subconsciously went searching for that familiar feeling. Went to some guy who's now traumatized me about as much as my parents. So I restarted the cycle against myself. But It's getting better now that I'm healing from it. Mostly I only think I'm going to jinx it because I remember the past, and based on it there was always something that needed to be fixed, and I would never have everything fixed. Eh I guess mine is trauma stuff. But like I'm trying to say that I recognized the pattern, which everyone does, and it was never good. Which isn't necessarily related to GAD, or OCD, or any other diagnosis. It's just something that happens when life keeps squirting too much lemon juice in your eyes. Though it totally could be anxiety if you're excessively worried about it past how long you should be/ even with enough reassurance that you're okay. Or if you don't actually have a pattern from your past that you could be applying. Either way, too much lemon juice.

  • Beanbuns


    I absolutely understand that feeling. What you need to do is reroute your thoughts. I’m currently seeing a therapist for my OCD and reworking my invasive thoughts. We can do this. If you don’t believe in yourself, know that we all do 💕 this community has your back.

  • Starlightie


    Life is full of ups and downs, that's just what happens. It's totally normal to be scared of the future downs. I think what works best for me is enjoying the ups while preparing myself for the lows. By that I mean not letting the fear of the lows consume me, but also arm myself with the tools to cope when they do eventually come around. Because they will come around and you can't stop it, you just have to be confident that you can handle it and practice accepting that it will happen no matter what you do. The lows in life aren't a sign that you're getting worse or that your efforts up to now didn't matter, because they absolutely matter. Another thing that helps is reflecting on how you've changed and improved. When you look back on your life you have a better view than you did in that bad moment. In the middle of bad moments it feels like your whole world is falling apart and there's no way you can get out of it. When you look back at all the bad moments chronologically, you can start to notice that overtime you probably handled each bad situation better than the one before and that is the true sign of getting better. Enjoy the good when you can and keep practicing your coping skills so that when the bad comes, you'll know you have the tools to get through it and come out stronger.

  • Moodyful


    I might have OCD as well. Besides that, I also get stressed/anxious when things are going well and I’m feeling positive and happy. I try not too get too comfortable with that. It could change suddenly. It’s weird because it makes me feel like I really don’t know who I am. I never understand it and I try to analyze the situation. I never feel like the same person each day. It’s nerve-wrecking not to know how you’ll feel the next day when you wake up…happy, sad, irritable, moody, etc. I guess just keep living and try not to think about it too much like I do.

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