So I guess I just need somewhere to vent and maybe get advice idk. But there’s this guy I’ve been playing this one game with and like. Every time I play with him I feel such an extreme anxiety when I play with him mainly cuz we do a voice call while playing so we have a way of communication in the game but it always makes me really anxious like so many other emotions too like. I genuinely do much worse at the game because of my anxiety and it’s harder to pay attention. The video game is dead by daylight and it’s a really strategy based game and I don’t like how I feel like I dread playing with him because he’s a real fun person to play with it’s just my anxiety gets so bad and makes my chest hurt not like very bad just like tight and j get very tense.

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    I’m going through something similar! my boyfriend is amazing at video games and I stopped gaming years ago. we’ve been playing Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands together and my anxiety makes me feel like he’s judging me or like I’m doing a really bad job. it gets so bad that I’ll start hyperventilating and crying. something that started helping me was music. I created a playlist of songs/sounds that calm me and make me happy. using my senses helps ground me as well. what can I see? smell? hear? feel? taste? and how is it affecting how I’m feeling? sometimes repeating “we’re just having fun” or “we’re just hanging out” to myself help.

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