Ever since I had my most recent shunt surgery the last week of February. Ever since my neurosurgeon told me the other year that he didn’t want me driving until he gives me the ok to again. I’m having to rely on other people to take me places and any appointments. I’m so tired of feeling useless even though I’m not.


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  • Flossie


    Don’t worry. I went from being healthy and independent to a person who is plagued with vertigo, imbalance and tinnitus, all due to a neurotologist who botched my two inner ear surgeries with no solution to my problem. Definitely looking for a new doctor. Your doctor seems to know what he is talking about.

    • KratomEater


      this sounds terrible 😞 I’m so sorry! My mom has had this but not After any surgery.

  • ToeKnee


    I'd say do what you can and don't sweat the things you can't do.

  • 216Justin242case9001


    Keep you head up try to find positive you may rely on people but maybe they relied on people or they just know to be good beautiful people because it can happen to any1 nothing on are plates we can't handle

  • JAY789


    I had to have emergency shunt surgery a few days ago again because the valve went bad and I was getting severe headaches and all I wanted to do was sleep because of the pressure. But I finally came home the other night and I’m still sore but I’m slowly feeling better.

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