I think there is something wrong with me. I have problems being in relationships bc I lose feelings way too fast. Idk if it’s just me or if it’s the people I had chosen to be in the relationship with that’s at fault. I always feel the butterfly feelings at first… until they try to get to close too fast.. (example: Kissing, holding hands, etc.) I’m starting to think that maybe I don’t like relationships to go too fast? Or I just see them as a friend and I don’t wanna be lonely? It sucks bc I want to be intimate and more comfortable with my body… but it never works out… bc everybody wants to move fast. I can never understand the difference between friend and romantic partner.. it feels the same to me. Perhaps… I have not fallen in love before??? I always end up making my friends fall in love with me as well… and the end up getting hurt bc they thought I liked them as well. I hate this and idk what to do.

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  • KittyRosa


    Well now that you yhis is a thing. You Have to give someone you can establish this with fron the start or start of more than just friends happening. I have a friend I met about two weeks ago and we have talked about keeping it slow and really get to know each other. Spending a good whike messaging and chatting. Then eventually hang ut and see how it feels in person. And if that goes well and we still like each other take it nice and slow with actual dates but not dating. It is all about communication and establishing your boundaries and staing your comfort level. Ther eis nothing wrong with wanting to take things slow. Maybe you can try to find a friend you can like be sorta romantic with and do things to fill in that intimate but your not actually romantic. I have a few friends like that where we cna just say ir do whatever we want but we aren't dating and don't we get lovey mushy and if we do it's like "I love you as s friend" or "your such an amazing friend"

  • MikeyO


    For me its fear. I don't wanna fall victim to another abusive narcissist. I too lose it fast. Because they want something when I say slow they think it means let's go. I wanna find something real this time so I'm told I am very cold and picky. I have a right to be. Take her slow and go with your gut. 100% of the time it's right.

  • Maurlfox


    Have you heard of the term asexual? My experience was the same as yours, and turns out I am asexual. I like romance and cuddling and such, but if they try to get too physical too fast, I shut down. I don't choose to, either, it just happens. I think being autistic and neglected as a kid has greatly affected my tolerance for touch, as well.

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