Does cannabis help migraines, in your opinion?


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  • cocomarie86



  • Katie_May


    I feel like yes, it absolutely can. I do not smoke myself, but I know plenty of people that do and it helps their pain levels drastically.

  • IrishDoll


    It totally helps especially when my relief meds need that extra kick to get it to go away.

  • Bee1989


    It helps mine! About the only thing that touches any of my chronic pains.

  • Wolfchick


    Omg yes I can go in a dark room smoke lay down for about an hour and I’m better. Not 100% but I can do some things. I also use it for pain. I can’t clean my house with out it my pain standing walking around. Even taking care of my dogs.

  • Rae215


    Yes I definitely believe so..

  • Fluffsy


    My migraines are caused by stress most of the time so cannibis works wonders for me because it makes me way less stressed and helps me calm down so long as I don’t use a lot at a time. I judge it based off what I think the trigger is but if I’m stressed before a migraine and during the attack itself it can help me a lot

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