Does anyone have flashbacks that involve tactile sensations or “hallucinations?”

I get triggered by certain physical sensations, but I also experience flashbacks where it’s almost like I’m having a tactile hallucination, it feels like it’s really happening again.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • KaelaAnn


    Yes I do and it's horrible what I do to ground myself is call someone like my mom or boyfriend. Listen to music calming music like country or jazz.

  • angelgeek


    I get them all the time for pretty much a feeling or even a smell

  • shinyfrog


    yes, medication + years in a “safe environment” + grounding has reduced this a lot for me. i really rely on my grounding (my care team calls it “reality testing) to keep myself from having hours-long flashbacks. i make myself touch, look, and name something in front of me, to the left of me, to the right of me, and behind me. i also move on to what i feel myself standing or sitting on, what i’m wearing, or even walk around to other things around me to keep trying to get my body to realize we are in the present moment and physical space.

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