I’ve been noticing that my IBS symptoms have gotten worse. Everyday I’m in pain, and it’s not going away. What can I do?

Generalized pain

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Abdominal Distention

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Have you kept a food diary to find triggers?

  • cupid


    have you done an allergy test? doctors offices usually have them and they can see if you’re allergic to certain things, some of them foods. you should try it and see if that shows anything that you can avoid!

  • Melcore


    @UnluckyUnicorn yeah, I always avoid foods that trigger me. Actually I’ve been eating pretty bland foods like crackers and bread

  • Melcore


    @cupid I’ve done many allergy test before but it seems that I don’t have any allergies

  • Jitterbug


    Have you tried an anxiety medication?

  • Sarah_Jane


    Melcore, crackers and bread irritate my stomach more than just about anything because of the gluten in them. Maybe try something like strawberries and carrots. Those help me so much when my stomach is particularly angry at me

  • cloudy


    I felt this way and got a colonoscopy/endoscopy and was put on Levsin. It has saved my life when I had so much pain! If you haven’t, see a GI doctor!

  • paypay


    I am experiencing the same thing😭 and I have done all the blood test, am on anxiety meds, tried the avoiding foods but I can’t do it forever, and I’ve had a colonoscopy and it showed nothing

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