So I’m being treated for a UTI I have had them off and on my whole life is it normal to still have UTI if no bacteria is found in urine I had moderate blood and a trace of keytones or what ever it is called in urine but everything was negative. Clear urine but blood could be due to light menstrual bleeding. But I did get test with in 12 hours of symptoms urine is being culture for a few days to see if it has any growth. Maybe to early if being tested.

Urinary Tract infection


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  • Goober86


    I had the same issue with having blood in my urine. My urine was also sent off for a culture and it came back negative. I'm definitely having symptoms though and I know exactly what's going on because I've had multiple utis in the past. I would say to get retested until they find something or ask your doctor about it .

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