I got my gallbladder out on May 6th and since then its been a roller coaster of digestive issues. I had diarrhea I’ve had severe constapation. My gerd seems to continiously getting worse. Yesterday I had a good day and today It’s like it shot me right back down and im having trouble coping. Mentally im just ready to die and to stop dealing with this. Ive had a terrible relationship with food for the past four months. I cant stop chewing and spitting. I started doing it as a way to taste food that I couldn’t eat because I got my gallbladder removed and now it’s like I can’t stop doing it. I’m scared to eat anything because I have a fear of vomiting but I’m probably just making my Gerd and acid reflux worse by constantly chewing tasty food and spitting it out. Hours after I eat something I just go right back to feeling sick and scared puke so I’m just scared to eat anything at this point. I have horrible bloating and indigestion constantly. Ive been dealing with this crap for 5 months and i constantly think and log to myself how i feel 24/7 and its exhausting and i feel hopeless. I want to die


Chronic or Recurrent Palpitations

Esophagitis-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

acute lethargy



Eating Disorder


Abdominal distension (bloating)

Postcholecystectomy syndrome


Acute Anxiety


Feeling of choking



Excessive Sweating

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  • Honeyluv1


    I’m so sorry you feel like this , I have been having stomach issues also and this is horrible! Scared to eat myself and anxiety 😟

  • kina


    After gallbladder surgery it's normal to have either loose stools or constipation try to stay away from greasy food and have you talked to your Dr if it doesn't get better I know it sucks your in my prayers

    • Honeyluv1


      ty and good thing it isn’t my gallbladder they did ultrasound and I’m ok I guess I do have bad acid tho and I’m still not feeling 100 percent

      • kina


        give it time I hope you feel better soon

  • kina


    And bad heart palpitations and madee have severe anxiety

    • kina


      It took a while for my meds to kick in but I ended up taking propanol for the heart palpitations

      • kina


        Are they gonna do a iodine scan I can't remember what it's called but you have to take these iodine pills and they scan you thyroid

      • Honeyluv1


        how long did you take propranolol for ? I was told not to take for to long but only when needed . But I need it almost every morning

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