I have a problem whenever I’m in a manic episode with my depression, I cut everyone off if they piss me off during my episode. Whoever I’m dating I break up with them, I stop talking to my friends, and sometimes family. I want to keep relationships but how can I do that?


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  • Sdawg66


    i’ve known people who go through the same thing, and sometimes just communicating what’s going on and what you’re going through can help the relationship.

  • Xinderella


    You have to be patient with people and yourself. if you have problems with relationships, tell them tou need some time , maybe a week or so to think about what you will do.and then make your final decision one weather to leave them or not

  • Gnatt


    I shut people out a lot during my episodes too. I think a good thing to do is sending a simple “I’m going through something right now and will respond later” text is helpful sometimes so the person knows you still care but don’t have the capacity to be fully there at the moment.

  • Romii


    Maybe talking about it before hand can let people know that it’s not personal, you’re just going through a rough spot. Communication is key

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