Should I change my medication and treatments over time?

Anxiety (Including GAD)



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  • Pfeiffer


    I think your treatment and medications should follow your progress and the change as needed.

  • brokenstardust


    it depends on what's working for you at the moment. I've had meds work for a while and then stop working so I had to switch them, but as long as whatever you're doing is working right in this moment, you shouldn't change anything. if it ain't broke don't fix it sort of thing

  • Kiiroitori


    Most ssri do need to be adjusted or switched out in order to stay effective, as for anti psychotics its highly dependant on what kind and how you take them. The only class of mental health drug that I'm aware of that doesn't require any special adjustments is anti seizure medication; which is often used for psychosis, migraines, depression, and BPD outside of actual seizures. So it depends on the cause of your anxiety and how you and your Dr have chosen to treat it.

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