How do you remind yourself that you’re safe and okay?

I’m struggling tonight and need ideas

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Mysteria


    Look up tapping. I know it sounds crazy but it helps. Your supposed to tap certain meridian points on your body and say a mantra. The mantra I use “I am safe and protected in my space” “nothing can hurt me”. Good luck I hope this helps a little

  • SJL168


    What works for me is to hug something soft like a plushy and get cozy by stimming as much as I want!! My Stims include head patting, rubbing my face, humming, and playing with my hair!!

  • Apollo1113


    I try to ground myself by messaging friends. It helps me feel connected. Sometimes the anxiety is so overwhelming nothing can help, though, and I totally get that.

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