recently i’ve been procrastinating due to school work but i have no motivation to do anything really and it just builds up so much anxiety i don’t know what to do or where to start, any tips?

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  • Jamal021


    I used to take things one thing and one day at a time. If I wasn't feeling it I'd talk to someone about it and try to get motivated. Meditation writhed wonders for me though. All the best to you.

  • GazingAbyss


    Most important thing to remember with anxiety and procrastination is anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. By that, I mean that it is way better to put in a half-ass effort to do something than to not do it at all. I've found that most of the time that I procrastinate And get anxious, it's because I'm trying to get it perfect in my head before I actually start it, and when I'm unable, I just get racing thoughts about inadequacy. Don't do that. If you take even a fraction of the mental and emotional bandwidth that you use getting anxious over doing something and use that to actually do a tiny portion of what you need to do, it becomes way easier. For instance, don't think about the fact that you have to write an entire essay. Just start with a small question like "What's the first thing I need to include in the outline for my essay?" People have inertia. When they have no momentum, it feels impossible to it. At the end of the day, it's really about taking these big things and breaking them down into little tasks you can do in under a minute, then stringing them together once you get those tiny amounts of momentum.

  • Cec


    I also struggle with this. Sometimes I try to imagine what a relief it will be when I’ve gotten a task done and that can be helpful. I also like to keep a small list of 3-4 items, I do one thing, cross it off and add another, but can only add when I’ve crossed something off. This makes it less overwhelming than looking at a long list and also can be fun to watch the list of crossed off items grow on the days I do many things

  • JohnnyP


    Set a timer. Start the task. Take a break for 10mins. every 50mins ,Repeat !

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