Do any of you have or know of people with bipolar disorder that have been able to have a successful/fulfilling career? I’m currently about to enter my last year of college and wondering is it even worth it or will my job options be limited in the future.

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Chesbro99


    I think it really depends on how much it effects you. I'm on good medications and I can work fine. Just have to be aware of myself.

  • Jlo24


    I been a nurse in the nursing home field over 22 years with bipolar so yes with proper meds and exercise with diet and deep sleep u will be great at whtever u choose to do

  • Odessa


    I have bipolar and I've been a caretaker to a veteran, my parents also have bipolar both held great military careers.riased 13 children my mom was also a nurse, with therapy and the right medicine you'll do great.

  • gigibear


    I was a nurse for 13 years. Stay on your meds and go to therapy to help deal with issues.

  • Odessa


    Your welcome TealB

  • Elevated22


    I’m so grateful for the post and these comments because I’m also on my last year of college and the idea of starting my career next year is terrifying considering I just got diagnosed

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