How do you make phone calls???? I feel like everything is a phone call and it is destroying my life

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  • Bun


    i try my best to plan things out before hand and sometimes make a script. now that i work in the food industry it’s also easier because i know the person on the other end probably hears a bunch of calls a day and doesn’t really care if i mess up.

  • Lyric


    After working retail for almost 2 years now, I’ve come to realize that as an employee, I don’t remember most of the calls that I get. I always try and remind myself that I’m happy to help, and that it wouldn’t be any different on the other end for when I make a call out. If it’s a really bad anxiety day, I might try and find different ways to reach out. For example, my doctors office has a system to where I can send out a message for my doctor to get back to me within a few days or so, so that usually does wonders for when I need to do something but can’t work up the courage to call someone else. And if you can’t avoid making a phone call, a lot of times I’ll practice to myself or my pets (my cats are surprisingly good listeners) going through what I want to say, etc. Know that no matter what happens it’ll be okay! You’ve got this!

  • rpatzvibes


    I do a script, like others have said! Writing down everything too. Also, just having someone to be there with you holding your hand or hugging you that you trust!

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