Idk y’all, I’ve found myself in the healthiest relationship I could ever dream of but I have been noticing I’ve been letting myself go- I wanna look the way I was when I was single 🥲 that was over 6 months ago tho

Binge eating disorder

Anxiety (Including GAD)



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  • Mirko


    I'm a little confused do you need tip and help about working out and stuff

  • Bay_bee_boi


    I understand slightly what you are saying. I am in a healthy relationship as well but have been sabotaging myself as well. I've not had the best of relationships in my past but with my current partner, there is consent when we are intimate, there is communication, there is trust...Still, I am internally trying to find some fault here and am hurting myself because I am not used to being treated with respect and care.

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