my friend has a car with aggressive bass. i literally have a whole headache it feels like i’m going to puke. my ears hurt too, but i never complain so i don’t really know what to do.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • burgersoup


    let them know that it's making you feel sick! if they're a good friend they should do everything they can to make you more comfortable.

  • EJ04


    I definitely suggest you let them know how it makes you feel. For the longest time, I struggled to tell my mom that the way she chews gum makes me feel almost physically ill. After ignoring it, it only got worse so I told her and she tried her best to stop. If your friend understands, they’ll try to improve the environment. If anything else, maybe bring sensory friendly fidgets or things that make you comfortable (headphones, etc) while you’re in the car to make the space less stressful.

    • dodge


      i bring my sensory stuffy and slimes and my headphones but the bass shakes my whole body

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