I have this anger which is so uncontrollable, it’s towards my family, i hate them. They always laugh at me because i’m trying to better my self, i could do anything and they’ll just laugh at me, it drives me the point where i want to hurt them, but i won’t, i just wish i had a loving family


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  • Vyowleta


    I’m really sorry to hear about that. At the end of the day, as long as you’re putting effort to work on yourself, that’s the only thing that should matter. I don’t blame you for having anger towards your family especially when they should be supporting you through times like that. I’d be angry too honestly. I’m sorry that you don’t receive love from your family. But if they can’t see your growth and your self-improvements, then it’s really their loss. You’re already so much more than them by setting aside time for yourself and knowing how to moving forward with that. You’re so much more than what they tell you or laugh at you for. By making time to improve yourself and carry on, like…that’s a huge accomplishment! You’re doing great man! Keep doing you! I am proud of you :)) ❤️

    • blad


      Thank you a lot, i appreciate you

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