What is the number one way you manage bipolar disorder?

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • tristanrm78


    mood stabilizing medication seriously minimized my mood swings and i would definitely recommend it. if you're looking more for skills and not medication, being able to identify the symptoms you have at the beginning of an episode is huge. it's much harder to manage an episode once you've been experiencing it for a while, so knowing that an episode is about to start is important in controlling it. at that point, the best help in my experience is relocating to a safe environment and talking to a professional

  • Sid2300


    Yeah medication I find is the best way to manage with healthy lifestyle changes as well.

  • HottestAutist


    Drugs. It takes a lot of trial and error, and it sucks. My psychiatrist finally has me on a cocktail that works. The standard of care is still an SNRI as well as mood stabilizer augmenting (i.e. lithium). If you're concerned about what may or may not work for you, ask your doctor about pharmacogenetic testing. These tests compare your genes with the drug composition of various psychotropics to tell you which ones will work better for you, and which may be harmful. It may help narrow down your search.

  • anniemily24


    I don't. lol. Been struggling,been on 14 different meds and they were all wrong. I'm kinda just floatin on life right now but trying to adjust my sleep schedule to help it some and do something each day that I need go get done.

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