Hi!! So i haven’t been actually diagnosed with ADHD or ADD but i have a lot of symptoms and it does interfere with my daily activities. i was going to talk more about it in therapy and maybe start meds. Do you have any tips on how to help these symptoms or if i should start meds, meds just seem scary


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  • NonbinarySlytherin


    Kinda depends on the symptoms. I recommend not starting with harder drugs like Adderall. Maybe something like Vyvance or Atomoxetine? I'm not a doctor so I can't say. Those two are just known to have fewer side effects

  • Vixly


    I would really recommend making sure you get diagnosed before taking meds. A lot of other mental disorders like depression can mimic symptoms of adhd. The medicine for adhd can be difficult (I’m on adderall) and have some rough side effects. I wouldn’t recommend trying any without getting diagnosed first, just for safety. That being said if you do get diagnosed I agree with NonbinarySlytherin, starting off on harder drugs is difficult. I started on my adderall and it took a lot to adjust and I wish I started on a bit of an “easier” med first. Just take it slow and start with small dosages.

  • Ari22


    I’d at least gather tips that would help you. So, that when you do get meds it’ll be easier for you. And some you may even be able to implement without meds. 1) Timers save lives. We tend to “space out” and a timer helps me. 2) Adding light exercise. 3) The power of 10 will help secure new goals. 4) Chug small amounts of water to stay hydrated. 5) Objects that stay in motion stay in motion. Objects in rest stay in rest. 6) Capsule closets 7) Check ya poops for consistency and fulfillment.

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