my best friend blocked me on everything about a month ago and never told me why. it’s been on my mind ever since and i’ve been rlly sad. i’ve been having constant dreams about her almost every night too. does anyone know how to get rid of these dreams or what they could mean?


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  • Weds


    There’s a lot of theories on what our dreams mean! You should really look into it. I personally believe I dream about what is on my subconscious mind the most. I’m sure losing your friend has caused you a lot of pain especially because it was so sudden and you don’t know why. I would suggest talking to your closest family members/ other friends/ or therapist and doing extra self care for yourself, that helps me a lot when I’m really sad.

    • edeng


      thank you so much! i will look into that and i’ll try talking to them. take care :)

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