Hey, how long is it normal to have an ovarian cyst (I’ve had one for 3-4 years)? Thanks 💕

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  • AutumnHarwell


    Hi there! I have had a total hysterectomy recently but before that I struggled with multiple hemorrhaging ovarian cysts every month for over a decade. I’ve had some last a few months and others only last a few weeks! I’ve heard of people having them for years as well but that’s not as common! I would definitely look into the size of your ovarian cyst and if it’s large enough your GYN doctor should be able to remove it for you so it doesn’t cause problems!

    • IllMermaid


      Thanks so much! Prayers! I have other Gyno issues as well so looking into the total hysterectomy. Did it take you a long time to decide to get a total hysterectomy? (If you don’t feel like answering it’s totally good :)) Thanks!

      • AutumnHarwell


        From the start of my severe symptoms at 9yo I finally had my hysterectomy last July at 23yo! It took me over a decade for doctors to take my pain and symptoms seriously due to how young I am! I don’t regret it at all and was definitely one of the safest choices I’ve ever made. If you have any other questions feel free to dm me and I’d love to help!

  • mizz.millz


    I was born with cysts because the women in my family are cystic. You can have them for decades sometimes. I would definitely look into the composition of it because I had one when I started puberty that turned out to be cancer and exploded when I was 27. I have a rare form of cancer, I doubt it's cancer, but just a suggestion. Some can remain for a long time. Best not to ignore them though. Best of luck. 🤗💕🙏

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