My old boss was one of the worst people I have ever met in my whole life.
They were so clearly a psychopath, and was not in a good mental mindset to be owning a business.
Most of the time, I felt as if they had undiagnosed BPD. Their emotions were so wild.
They once told my coworkers and I that quote- “you guys are ruining my f*cking life.”
In front of clients!!

My coworker and I once messed up, and when we tried to fix it she yelled at us, again, in front of clients, and told us that we were going to get fired if we couldn’t fix it.

Her emotions were so wild. She was like this towards everyone, myself, coworkers, clients, her own husband.

She’d cry like a baby, whine until she got her way, yelled at us no matter how obedient we tried to be, and made fun of her own clients.

But anyways, if you’re still reading this there is a point I promise!

Working this job made my anxiety so bad that I would sit in my car and cry everyday before work.
My hands would tremble whenever she was around and I couldn’t even speak to her without feeling like I was suffocating.

I was in literal hell. I started to lose weight because I had no appetite when I was there, and my anxiety would f*ck up my stomach tract and the only bowel movements I had was diarrhea during my time there. (Gross I know)

But the worst part was how it degraded me emotionally. I felt so belittled being there, like I didn’t belong or would never belong.

It sucked and I think I’m traumatized from the whole experience. No money I ever made there was worth the hell or regret.

For reference, I worked there for six months and in my six months of time, seven other employees (not including myself) all hired within those six months, also quit (including the manager).

I think I’m jealous they were able to get out sooner than I did. I have no idea why I waited so long.

Does anyone have any similar experience? Or how to cope with the memories of this…

And thank you if you read all this, I’m sorry it was so long. <3


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  • Tinkerbell01


    I think this was a really important learning experience about what type of boundaries you need to be able to set with people. This woman, unfortunately, walked all over you and the rest of the staff. You’ve seen the warning signs and degradation that goes on behind the scenes. I know it might not make the memories easier when looking back, but I really do think it’s important to stick your ground and be confident going forward about the specific treatment you deserve. You’ve become a bigger person from this experience, and you always have a shot to come back from it. You determine your boundaries and intentions

    • beelovr852


      Thank you! And you’re so right. For most my life I’ve felt like a sheep, but I think this experience has taught me to be more confident- and try to be a lion- or at least something more than just a sheep.

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