Hi, my constipation is stopping me from living a normal life. In addition to bloating that causes fatigue and lack of energy. Does someone has the same case?

acute lethargy

Chronic Constipation



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    Hey, been dealing with chronic constipation for a few years now. I had to rely on psyllium husk fiber but Ive switched it up to find other things that work for me. First thing is to increase fiber intake through veggies and fruits. My holy grails rn are chia pudding that I make myself (1 cup milk, 1 spoonful of sweetener, 2 tablespoons of chia pudding, mix occasionally and wait for at least an hour) - chia seeds are high on fiber, omega 3 fats, biotin and magnesium This will make u poop (I eat it every morning usually and make it overnight) Raw garlic- i started eating one clove a day and it seems to detox the colon fue to the kind of poop it makes me do lol but it def moved your bowels thanks to its prebiotic AND antibiotic properties that helps good bac and kills bad bacterias. Chaga mushroom- just got this powder supplement which is a mushroom with high antioxidants, I assume beta glucan, and helps out the digestive system The few times ive taken it so far seems like its contributing to my bowel movements I added It to my tea and to my chia pudding. I swear for medicinal mushrooms though so look into it Lions maine has helped my nervous system out big time<3

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