is there anything effective at stopping panic attacks when i feel them come on? i can fight off regular anxiety, but if i sense a panic attack, it’s over.

Panic Disorder

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  • EmbalmerWithAnxiety


    Hey, the one thing that helps me the most is a type of breathing called Square Breathing. It consists of breathing in for 4 seconds, holding that breath for 4 seconds, releasing it for 4 seconds, and then staying without that breath for 4 seconds. I repeat this for 5 minutes at the Minimum. This only works for me whenever I can sense it coming on, but I try a supplement called L-Theanine. It’s an all natural vitamin that you can find over the counter at any retail store. It’s a tablet almost like a Tums, and it has helped me so very much. I use it when I know I will be in a highly stressful situation. I really hope this can help.

  • PurpleLizard23


    Honestly, I just put myself away from everyone and try to lay down if I’m somewhere that that is possible. I rationalize the thoughts in my head, or at least try to, and practice breathing slow and deep. Once I feel mostly better I use my phone to distract myself. This might not work for you but it does a lot of times for me- sometimes it just happens though

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