I’ve been dealing with depression for a while due to many things including dysphoria, and I just can’t seem to escape it. How should I approach my mom about seeing a therapist?


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  • Lilocnr


    I mean if it was my mom I would just approach her about it and tell her the truth. I don’t know your mom, obviously, or if this would be problematic for you. If your mom doesn’t like that you want to see a therapist and won’t let you than I’d try to find other people who understand you or talk to people on this app who get what you’re going through. There are a lot of good things to life that you might skip over with dysphoria and talking to people and seeing what makes them happy is probably a good option for you. I hope everything works out for you and if you ever need support or want to talk then myself and many others are right here for you. Good luck. :)

  • TransK1tty


    Honestly I'm more close with my grandma and telling her I was depressed was one of the hardest things I've done. I finally told her and asked her if she could talk yo my parents about it since I'm not too close to my parents. Honestly I think it's best if you tell someone you're close to and more comfortable with.

  • stargazer2540


    ❤️❤️❤️ question is are you under 18? I'm not sure under 18 can't see a psychiatrist on their own they might have to have their parents permission.. obviously I don't know you but I was close to my mom but not my dad and she married my stepdad and away all went to therapy to see why I was acting out and acting up.. was due to my step dad. I don't know if you could act up or act out to get your parents to send you to a psychiatrist or not.

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