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  • pizzarama


    What have you tried so far?

  • pizzarama


    I have just completed my two week boric acid suppository treatment and I am waiting to see if my BV comes back or not. I have also realized that fruits and vegetable intake has a huge impact on pH balance, and that I was not eating enough every day! I am looking to see if eating enough fruits and veggies will help with keeping the infection away after treatment. I am now trying to get at least four fruit servings in each day. I also learned that 100 percent fruit juice only can count as one daily serving of fruit. I have a list of other remedies I have tried in the past that may also work for you: -apple cider vinegar tampon (water will have to be diluted 50/50 with acv) do this for a week or two nightly before bedtime. -hydrogen peroxide tampon (50/50 water) overnight for a week or two nightly before bedtime. - apple cider vinegar bath: pour two cups of acv in tub and bathe for 15-20 minutes - I also have a home remedy book that has a few remedies in it for this. Let me know if you would like some treatments from there! Please feel free to ask me any questions about this. I know it can be frustrating because the recurrence rate is super high for this.

    • CaitFrances


      I am curious haha What were your test results for the BV with the boric acid treatment? :)

  • pizzarama


    I have not gone back to the doctor yet. I recently started a new job and have to wait until June 1st for my insurance to start up. I was doing good for a couple of weeks! Unfortunately, I have been having pain again, but on the bright side, no abnormal discharge. My mom said she once had pelvic adhesions, so I would like to check for that as well.

  • BTwitch


    I have a very long list of how I healed myself. Im still figuring how to navigate this app....please private message me.

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