Anyone else having trouble with loud noises especially fireworks? My heart races more everytime I hear one go off and I physically jump with ones close by. Having a hard time typing this because I keep hearing ones like a few feet away from me and am terrified!! Earlier I was listening to music with headphones on loud volume, but i honestly am just so tired and want to sleep. But now I can’t apparently :| I had this issue as a kid badly.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • BrieMarie


    Yes! I was at a fireworks show on Saturday and was miserable. We were so close to the launch field. I could feel the boom in my body. My ears still hurt from the loud explosions. During the show I closed my eyes and held tight to my service dog. She was a champ through it all and helped me relax a bit. Listening to the fireworks tonight is irritating my ears again. I'm ready for them to stop so I can go to bed

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