Does anyone get “reverse” seasonal affective disorder? Like the sunny weather and longer days your anxiety and depression worse, similar how seasonal affective disorder does with rainy weather and shorter days?

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  • Maximilian



  • Johnj


    Everything makes my anxiety worse even loud noise .. it gets worse and worse everyday , iam starting to lose it

  • Iwantkoreanhotdogs


    Yup, actually quit my job today because of the anxiety that came with the weather heating up. I cant hide behind clothes anymore and it sends me into severe panic attacks, I hate summer because of this

  • Vendrick


    It’s really good to know others have similar experiences. It can be outright debilitating for me, like when the clouds cover the sun I’ll perk back up and have energy. Like the exact reverse of normal SAD. It also has to do with social anxiety, when it’s warm and light out there are a lot more people.

  • Lilith211


    I live in a state that is hot and humid 95% of the year and it’s miserable. I visit family in a state that has actual seasons and some cooler seasons. My mood is so much better when I’m up there but am miserable in the heat. My favorite weather is cool, thunderstorm with lightening and rain.

  • acedit


    Me!! Oh god I thought I was the only one, especially when I hear everyone around me being so peppy about the change in weather. It makes the symptoms of my other conditions worse, like my POTS, so I dread warmer weather because that means I'm gonna start flaring up everywhere else. Some of it is also the PTSD, unfortunately springtime reminds me of things I would rather forget. :( I think maybe for me it gets worse because in my head I'm like..."well I am supposed to be cheerful right now, but instead I feel worse seeing how happy and full of life everyone else gets to be except for me". I totally get it, glad I'm not the only one!

  • tigershark98


    I know this is an old post - clinically I cannot have SAD because I have a different depressive disorder, but for about a decade my depression has been worse in the summer (& social anxiety often worse in the spring).

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