Why is my memory so bad?
So I have a bad memory, like— really bad. Different from all the forgetfulness (like forgetting what i’m supposed to be doing, losing train of thought, etc.). I just don’t really remember the past very well… I don’t really remember elementary all that well, or my teachers’ faces, or middle school, or really anything. Is it related to ADHD? Like do other people with ADHD have it or is it just my bad memory?

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  • Artfart


    It could also be due to trauma. Do you have a therapist you can talk to?

    • MuffinCat


      i’m pretty sure it’s not trauma, I don’t think i’ve been through anything scarring… or maybe I forgot? haha thanks though!

  • NotVeryBendable


    My adhd affects my short term memory pretty bad but not really long term.

  • Iwantkoreanhotdogs


    I think it definitely has something to do with ADHD I can forget things extremely fast but if I memorize something I can remember it but besides memorizing I go blank very fast

  • socks


    i am literally going through the EXACT same thing. my memory has gotten so poor. i remember very little of my life or what i’ve done in a day or in a week. i will say i have had quite a few traumatizing events but, have you ever had any concussions? my memory before i had a bunch of concussions was bad but the TBI (traumatic brain injury) made it so much worse. it could also be a struggle with staying on the moment?

    • MuffinCat


      i haven’t had any concussions I think. and yeah maybe staying in the moment is a problem… I’m always thinking about things I have to do and others so it’s kind of hard to focus on what’s going on. maybe that’s it? thanks!

  • VerucaJupiter


    So this is totally me too, and my dr said something really powerful to me. (I also have fibromyalgia so that’s a compounding issue) but when I said I was frustrated with my memory and forgetfulness he said “you’re not forgetting things, your body is overloaded with information or pain that you’re actually not taking in new information” I felt so freed by that I gave myself permission to be ok with missing information. Hope this feels as validating as it was for me.

  • daisyRain


    My therapist said that depression can cause memory loss?

  • itdobelikethat


    ADHD relates to executive dysfunction, and one of the executive functions often impaired by ADHD is memory. I thought I was developing early-onset dementia until I learned that my memory problems were related to ADHD

  • ashl3y


    for me to be honest, its what my brain wants to remember. if its like math or something, yeah I'm gonna forget it really fast because my brain doesn't wanna remeber it. But then if its s time I was with my friend, I could remeber it like it was yesterday, its annoying and very unhelpful.

  • LuluLunaWolf


    I'm the same way my doctor thinks it's either ADHD, ptsd affecting things like avoiding micro triggers or autism

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