Recently diagnosed with glaucoma. I have tried Lumigan eye drops and zioptan eye drops and can’t tolerate them. Makes my eye extremely dry red and make floaters and flashes. Has anyone had SLT procedure to reduce the IOP in your eyes. If so, how is it? Did it work?
Thanks so much for any information!

Pigmentary open-angle glaucoma



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  • countryfied


    I cant use anything that has preservatives it causes that same effect..I am still using zioptan preservative free eye pressure is a lot lower but I had to learn a few tricks to keep it from filtering from eye tear ducts to my nose etc..

    • countryfied


      I would like to know about SLT..I've had one cateract replaced with the lense so not sure if it can still work with SLT.

  • Keep_Going


    What is the trick

  • savyj


    Hi! I’ve had many eye issues including high pressures for years. I had the laser treatment done in an emergency and it helped a lot, but did not fix the problem long term. I’ve had a shunt surgically put in and will need another this summer (first one was 10 years ago). It was in my eye with a cataract that was removed as well.

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