Ok so I’ve been asexual I’ve never felt horny since the age of like 12 way before I ever started taking antidepressants and recently I took SSRIs for a bit over a year and stopped and now I’m having issues with severe- you can guess. SSRIs are known to make you not want anything but why did stopping it kick start something that wasn’t there before I’m an adult and like I never dealt with this stuff before so Idek how often it should happen and it seems like a lot to me but any amount is a lot to me and also I’m still a teenager so teenagers are hormonal-

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Paroxetine • Type: Oral


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  • IndoorCat


    At 12 you're still a child and at 18-20 people are generally exploring sexuality. Totally normal.

  • Aaronb03


    Sexuality is a fluid thing, and you might just be having hormonal changes with puberty. Also, asexuality is a spectrum, it sounds like your feelings are developmentally normal

  • EclipseEDS


    Yeah that can happen. There's no right or wrong amount to feel and sex shouldn't be taboo. Get yourself some toys, or just experiment. It's completely natural and it's honestly a human need. Let me know if you need more advice

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