i hot diagnosed with ADHD in 2019/2020…. i dont know if my symptoms accurately describe adhd or if it describes a more severe condition. i am seeking people who have been in similar situations, who are able to help me through this

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Acacia


    It might help to add what things make you think that

  • marcylol


    for context, i just feel wrong. like i hate having the label to fit with adhd because i feel like it makes people see me differently than what i am. i guess its less “something else” and more that i feel like i dont fit

  • Carrotboot


    I think ADHD is SOOO underrepresented and misunderstood. I used to feel like you because media makes ADHD seem like this quirky little “oooo, shiny” trait. And it’s so much more than that!! It’s freaking debilitating sometimes. I spent years thinking I was bipolar or something, but the more I talk to actual people who live with ADHD, the more I realize that it’s not us who should have to fit the label, it’s the label itself that’s wrong! There’s a guy on Instagram and I think tik tok named Connor DeWolfe who makes little videos about what it’s like to live with ADHD and he’s like spot on every single time! Makes me feel less alone. You should look up his account and see what you think. See if you can find the video where he renames ADHD to DAVE. It stands for dopamine attention variability….I forgot the E, lol. But he makes it make so much SENSE!!

  • Snapcracklepop


    There’s a YouTube channel called How to ADHD and she has lots of videos showing how adhd truly is (mainly in females) rather than what society believes adhd is like. It really helped me before and after my adhd diagnosis (2020)

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