Hi, I’m kinda trapped I take medication to help my psychiatric problem which has lead to severe metabolic problems. Anyone have suggestions?


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  • happiness4begginners


    Could you talk to your psychiatrist and explain that the cost-benefit analysis is not working for you anymore. There has to be some other medication that you can try that can manage your illness without destroying your physical health because you don't have a quality of life without your physical health and that will lead to mental health problems. I have bipolar one with psychosis I have been in and out of hospitals before myself and I'm on a Litany of medications for my mind. I also have a few health problems and I thought I understood what it would be like to have a chronic illness because I have a chronic mental illness that I've had for years. But I have no idea being this sick for two and a half years straight and having no ideas what to do about it next has left me so depressed it's not due to my meds per se but if you are left till because of your meds for too long you will become circumstantially depressed because of the loss of quality of life in the physical symptoms you deal with. Try to have a Frank conversation with your doctor if there's any other options for you for your specific condition that we can try that wouldn't have the same type of side effects. If they are resistant to any suggestions that you have they're not a very good shrink. And I know it can be hard to change drinks to it's hard to get into one little loan switch I wish you the best of luck but that's my best suggestions❤️✋

  • MommaRhomba


    Thanks for the response. My physical problems started on the atypical antipsychotics. That’s the medication the doctors really try to push. So, in a way they’re already kinda compromising with me. I lost some weight on caplyta but the side effects were horrific. For now I’m trying to get on a glp-1 agonist. My maternal side of my family has a strong type 2 diabetes history. I’m trying to just sit tight for now.

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