Does anybody else feel like they have absolutely no control over their own emotions?

Personality Disorder (PD)

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  • Butterfly


    Sometimes I feel like I can't control my anger. I feel so bad about it, and I always regret the things it makes me do. Recently, I started practicing breathing, I hope it can help me control my anger.

  • Jazzybella


    Yes definitely!

  • royalty


    Yes 100% absolutely. You are not alone 💕

  • 13Squares


    Absolutely. This was actually the main reason I started therapy. Was lucky enough to finally find a therapist who I clicked really well with and they helped me get things under control. Medication did help me as well (but isn’t always right for everyone).

  • Kelly1234567


    Yes! And Ive tried psychiatrists, therapists, and still feel like they get confused by this/ disregard it. Mainly I struggle with depression and I’m on meds for that but yeah, my mood shifts so frequently that I cannot make plans in any way. I have to wait to see what mood I’m in whether I feel physically capable of dealing with whatever I had planned. I don’t know how other people are so stable.

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