How do you handle being stuck in your mind on loops and kinda in your own horrible reality that isn’t actually real when feeling overwhelmed? I think this is a mixture of my bipolar brain and anxiety, it’s like I get stuck and thoughts are too thick to work through. And there are so many thoughts happening all at once and somehow I always end up crying and screaming and not being able to communicate and then I sink into a depressive mood and just want to die and feel worthless… can anyone relate?

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  • MrPoetic19


    Just find a quiet place. Some place you feel safe. Close your eyes and relax. Take deep breaths. Do u use cannabis? Sometimes my raving thoughts get so bad I want to die to but I take medication for that. Are you on any medication? You may feel like you want to die but your an important person and you deserve to be happy and have a clear head. What medications do you take?

    • Owlstoe


      I do that, I have a lot of coping skills that take the edge off but never fully. I’m on 5 different medications and also take cannabis. I have a lot of what my doctors call ‘breakthrough symptoms’

  • MrPoetic19


    I’m on a lot of medication too. I also use cannabis. I just hope that you can kinda relax becuz I’m a little concerned for you becuz you feel like you want to die. But you’ll get through this day just like you did yesterday.

  • miracleshappen


    Visualization. Picture calming, beautiful, peaceful things. Go in nature and just breathe. Grounding. Observe your surroundings, focus on something and study it. Journaling. Write it down to help release.

  • Al1na


    I have this too. I call it “the wall”. It feels impenetrable. Sometimes it feels like it will never end. But it always does. I still deal with it, and I’m sorry you’re going through this. The only thing that helps me is finding a universally safe place. For me that’s bathrooms. Pretty much everywhere has one, and even if it’s public, you can generally find a stall. If this isn’t possible I just leave. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, that’s not possible either. But by now, I’ve done it enough times that my brain has kinda learned, okay, now is the time to calm down. It took a long time to get to this point, but I hope it helps.

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