tw panic/anxiety attck
my meds aren't working anymore and i just had the worst panic attack of my life. i was on the verge of passing out and i couldn't see anything for a good five mins. ive never experienced one like this before istg o was on a different planet. ive only had 2 other panic attcks before. i have anxiety attcks all the time but panic attcks are rare for me. idk why my meds arent working. the panic attck happened like 3 hours ago and im still shaking. i dont really know what to do. ive never been unable to see during a panic attack. it didnt feel real. liek i thought i was dreaming or something. i didnt know what was happening bc its never happened like that before. i almost fell over a few times and i grabbed my friends arm and she yelled at me cuz she didnt know. i was so confused and scared. i thought it would never end. it was prolly only a few seconds but the worst of it felt like forever. idk. ik this is usual to most ppl but like its never happened to me before. im like lk traumatized and i have school tomorrow and im afraid that its gonna happen again. i really just feel like shit and i dont wanna go to school. and i still have a bunch of homework to do but im way too tired to do anything rn. idk im just struggling rn.



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  • Strawberryhk


    That sound very scary. Ask your mom if you can skip tomorrow for mental health

  • UPPERCaseGentleman


    Hi, can you please tell me what types of things trigger these attacks, or while you are having them, what gears are fueling it at that moment? I am asking for a reason.

    • UPPERCaseGentleman


      Fears not gears

  • UPPERCaseGentleman


    I'm only asking because I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for years but found some relief with a perspective change. It needa to be customized a little to fit your story, which is why I asked.

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