Any tips on motivation to wake up and/or do basic stuff when you’re really not feeling into it?


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  • bomb


    honestly, i roll myself out of bed. i genuinely roll out of bed. then i take it one step at a time. very slow, whatever i can do is good. and some days i can’t do anything, and that’s okay

  • Myobliss


    Don’t push yourself if you truly can’t, but what helps me sometimes is making a pros list. Kinda of the opposite of what I do with my anxiety, I think of all of the good things or possible scenarios that could happen throughout the day and idealize them, even if it’s grossly unlikely, I think and hope for the best possibility

  • Atari


    Honestly if its that bad I literally force myself. I don't wanna, but its happened

  • Jade1


    I look forward to logging into my computer. Like, if I watched a YT video, read some funny stuff on Reddit, etc.

  • Jade1


    I also look forward to my favorite breakfast cereal, Cookie Crisp. Silly things that motivate me to get out of bed.

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