So my doctor offered to prescribe me trazadone for my sleep and depression as well as my memories about trauma. I’m honestly pretty skeptical of meds because I was last prescribed Celexa which I only took for two days because of the horrible side effects. I have been on Zoloft and prozac in the past at different points and I was fine with those. I’m wondering if anyone has any advice about it?



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  • Mimi2too


    My doctor put me on 50mg of Trazadone a day 4 years ago to help with sleep. I was already taking 120mg a day of Cymbalta for depression and pain. I don’t notice that the Trazadone does anything unless I forget to take it. Then I notice (after the fact) that I didn’t sleep as well. Hope this helps.

  • rockstar


    I'm up to 200 mg a night

  • Nightowl


    I think my doctor prescribed trazadone and I ended up only taking half or a quarter of a pill because it was so strong, groggy when waking, which is odd because I usually have a high tolerance for medication. My only advice, start with a low dose.

  • rookiecookie


    I've been taking it for years and it works well! I definitely agree you should start out low and work up to a higher dose over time. be prepared for some mild dizziness and some heavy drowsiness when you first start taking it, or at least that's what happened to me when I first started it. I have crazy bad insomnia so I needed a pretty regular dose, though it helps more with staying asleep than falling asleep for me. best advice I can give is research, honestly. getting more testimonies and reading about the medications history is always a good idea when recommended a new med

  • Toyotashitlander


    Thank you guys so much! I see my new psychiatrist tomorrow and I’m gonna bring it up with her.

  • bri5439


    i’m on trazadone and it honestly is so helpful for me. i can understand the skepticism about meds. i haven’t had any side effects from trazadone

  • drp


    It helps me fall asleep but it makes it almost impossible for me to wake up, and I feel groggy the whole day. It makes me not want to take it honestly

  • Ari_love


    This is a terrible drug! Makes everyone I’ve ever known including myself feel like they have the WORST hangover in the morning! Try Ambien it’s much better.

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