Hello! This is elena. I need your helps guys. I still can’t smell after I got covid last year in December. I was very worried.I use to medicate with essential oils and i can smell little bit but not at all. I wonder how to get back sense of smell. Thank you.


Chronic Disturbances of sensation of smell and taste

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  • Mooey


    I had covid pneumonia in January of 2021. I still have no real sense of smell or taste. I can taste food in that I can tell sweet, sour, spicy but I cant taste flavor. Many foods I once enjoyed have an off taste so I no longer eat them.

  • Inday


    I would say my taste and smell is altered. I use red chili flakes on a lot of food so it has some taste. I never tested positive for COVID however a coworker did and we were in close proximity, This was during the time no one was commutating who was infected. Also lack of testing. I had a full work up by ENT doctor said everything looked normal.

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