I’ve had a stomach bug going on 3 weeks ..I’ve been taking zofran to calm down the nausea but I feel like I’m having serious depression issues anybody else suffering from this ?


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  • Meg678


    Zofran generally just gives me constipation, headache, and unfortunately long QT interval so I only take it in an emergency. I deal with daily nausea now without it.

    • Moochie


      did they ever tell you why your having the nausea ?

      • Meg678


        lots of theories but no specific known cause: Gut dysbiosis SIBO IBS Mold toxicity Histamine intolerance Food allergies

  • Mac2


    I feel that 100% I’ve been taking zofran for a few years and it’s made me depressed, dizzy, weak, constipated but did help the nausea but the nausea/vomiting would just come back 🤔

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