I’m suffering from a lot of Sciatic pain. Has anyone found solutions to help stop the pain and tingling in my leg

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  • Lefty723


    I’m in the same boat. I try frozen gel pacs to reduce inflammation at the lower spine level as well as the area of the pain/tingling which is around my hip area. I take Tylenol Arthuritus and a med for restless leg syndrome. I frequently get up at night and do my stretches for this condition as well as ride my stationary bike for about 15 minutes. One of these usually helps. P.S. the bike I have moves you you don’t have to pedal as it moves you but I can adjust speed and time. There are also some herbal remedies in health food stores that attempt to address this situation. They are relatively inexpensive are Tablet form and are placed under your tongue to allow to dissolve. One of these is made by Magnilife and is called Relaxing legs. I hope this helps somewhat.

  • tinky12


    Tried ice and heat

  • tinky12


    Need relief. Wakes me up at night.

  • 55isMe


    See my note to tinky12's. For me the BeActive Plus Deluxe worked, but not the BeActive original. I also prefer my homemade version for nighttime. Great for sleeping

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