as someone who has struggled with finding resources about mental health struggles, im curious what outlets you use / outlets i can show to family and friends to help them understand my diagnoses! thanks so much :)

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • catmom2


    This isn't much but here lately I've been trying to go to the gym an workout when I start to feel a tremendous amount of emotions no matter the time an for resources if u don't have a therapist I watch professional YouTube videos an read articles

  • lizah


    i participate in online support groups

  • tayaryland


    It costs a few dollars but there is an app called TimelyCare that is very helpful. It has groups, meditation classes, and therapists to help you throughout your struggles. Maybe check it out. 🤗

  • karlielewis93


    I sometimes have to meditate and talk to a therapists

  • Boobear98


    Honestly is super helpful for both clients and their families. They provide information as well as different support groups for families and clients.

  • threehottamales


    Honestly my best way had been tiktok. I follow especially one creator that has bpd and is a therapist. She makes all kinds of content that isn't bias like we are the worst people ever. The short videos have helped my sister understand what I go thru.

  • vinetree


    Psychology in Seattle is a podcast and YouTube channel from a therapist who specializes in personality disorders (I think even mostly BPD). His stuff has always been really helpful for me! I also recently found Dr. Daniel Fox on YouTube, and he makes a lot of informative videos about BPD

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