hello! saw this app on an ad and wanted to test it out lol. idk many younger ppl with PCOS much less autistic ppl with it so idk! hi!

Generalized pain


Anxiety (Including GAD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Rodrigo


    Welcome! I think you'll like this app, lots of friendly people and good advice!

  • Solar_Eclipse


    I have both autism and PCOS! It took a long time to get my PCOS diagnosis because I didn’t realise that my pain wasn’t normal. It wasn’t until I had abnormal blood-work that I was given an ultrasound and then a diagnosis.

  • aesathe


    i don’t have pcos but i have autism!! ^__^

  • castiel


    Im autistic and working on seeing if i have PCOS, doctors said its a possibility for years but still never tested

  • Gingysnao


    22y/o autistic, anxiety and depression. Welcome!

  • daisy13


    Hi i am 20 years old autistic anxiety depression and have PCOS welcome to this app

  • Dubs


    25 and autistic with pcos hi

  • YanksTMP


    19 and Autistic with supposed ADHD but not diagnosed yet......hello there 🙂😄

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